Sail and ski, weekend all included.

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”Sail when wind – ski when sun.”
Sailing the beautiful ocean and skiing the spectacular mountains close to Harstad.

- Experience - Safety - Environmentally Conscious

We focus on "the complete experience" here at Arctic Sea to Summits. When the sun returns to Northern Norway, we'll sail out and enjoy the weekend with the beautiful 50 feet "Bifrost". The trip starts at 4 PM from the quay near the hotel Clarion Collection Arcticus.

Be a crew member on the ship, and participate in planning and hoisting of sails. Enjoy the beautiful archipelago in Harstad in a sincere and unique way whilst we set sail to our destination. Saturday and Sunday are going to be used for our mountaineering, and the mountains and summits we'll visit are chosen with the weather conditions, innate skill set of the group and avalanche danger in mind. These trips aren't meant for those who want to challenge the steepest of mountains. We will tutor about safety in the Norwegian mountainhome and together we'll increase our knowledge and skill when it comes to choosing the right route under set conditions.

We will be be sailing and/or skiing more on some occasions, as the weather in Northern Norway can change. If the weather conditions are optimal with the sun at it's highest and there is no wind, we'll be using most of our time in the mountainhome. If there is a lot of snow and/or wind, we'll enjoy the soothing waves on the sailing ship. The region we are going to tour in will be between Tjeldsundet, Rolla, Grytøya and Kvæfjord.

After years of accumulating experience, thorough preparations and risk assessment we are now proudly providing low risk experiences with high reward factors.

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This is included:
2 x days of breakfast
2 x days of lunch
3 x days of dinner
2 x days of guided skitouring to fantastic mountains by local experts (Plan B if bad weather is intro iceclimbing or skitouring in calm area). Max 6 persons per guide.
2 x days of accomodation (Share room with others)
2 x days of sailing with highly competent captain on "Bifrost"

Max 6 customers onboard.



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