Aurora beach camp at Elgsnes

The beach at Elgsnes is one of the most beautiful and popular spots to witness the Northern Lights. Enjoy the view of the majestic archipelago whilst the lights soar through the sky for an absolute stunning visual.


One of our professional guides will take you to your location on Elgsnes, and the guide will narrate about the region's nature and history on the way there. Nestle yourself near the campfire that'll be set up and cherish a cup of warm beverage together with friends and family. Prepare yourself for an evening filled with "hygge" at the beach, storytelling about Harstad, and see what a real norwegian Northern Lights experience is like.

No. of participants: 4-16

Duration: 4 hours

Season: Fall-Winter
Price: On request


  • Guided trip to Elgsnes by bus
  • Campfire and "hygge" 
  • Northern Lights experience
  • Storytelling about Harstad


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